WATCH: Dalawang lolo, viral sa social media dahil sa nakakatuwang pagtatalo nila tungkol sa pagpanalo ng P775-milyon sa lotto!

Megalotto 6/45, Grand Lotto 6/55, and Super Lotto 6/49

Sounds familiar? Are you one of those millions who is always wishing their luck to win the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) lottery? Are you one of those who never get tired of lining up, picking a lucky number, and wishing your chosen numbers will be called on the draw?

If you are one those people taking their chances on the lottery, then I’m sure even prior to taking your bet, you probably have thought on how you will spend such huge amount of money and allocate the amount for your needs, investments, leisure, and charity, right? You are so hopeful that you will be an instant-millionaire that you have already imagined your life sleeping in a bed full of cash.

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Well, there is really nothing wrong with dreaming and wishing to become P700-million richer as long as it will not ruin the good person in you and will not lead into ugly arguments with other people, just like these two elderly siblings who are arguing their heart out about winning the lottery.

In the viral video posted by Facebook user Suiluj Gnopmot, brothers could be seen arguing about the current P775-million jackpot prize in the lottery. The old man wearing a blue and gray undershirt is saying that with this huge amount of money as jackpot prize, there is a very little chance for regular citizens like them to hit the jackpot.

But the old man wearing a white shirt argues that there is still a higher chance especially if he was able to bet on the correct number combination.

The lolo in blue keeps insisting that the government could take control of the draw so that no one will win the pot money and the government could forfeit the said amount.

In the comments section, a certain Wendy Tompong revealed that she is the daughter of one of the old man in the video and revealed that both her father and his brother are not even playing the lottery yet they are already arguing about the pot money.





Watch the hilarious video below:

Posted by Suiluj Gnopmot on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Posted by Suiluj Gnopmot on Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Meanwhile, netizens could not help but express their delight in watching the two old man arguing about the lottery. Read some of their comments below:






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