Hindi nagpapigil ang batang ito na hinabol ang mga nangholdap sa tatay niya!

Despite being young and vulnerable to be hurt, a young girl tried to chase a group of thieves in General Trias, Cavite after they robbed his father.

In a CCTV footage submitted by Bhing Minia to GMA News, the young girl was just waiting for her father, who is a DVD seller, to come out of their white vehicle. When her father boarded off from the driver’s seat, a group of three to four men countered and robbed his money and other properties.

Based on their moves, it looks like this group of men were already monitoring the man and the act was indeed planned from the start.

While fleeing away from the incident, the group stumbled on the young girl and bumped her on the road, resulting to her sudden fall.

Despite that, the young girl still got up and tried to chase those robbers in hopes of getting her father’s properties. Her father and mother were also seen on the CCTV footage getting their daughter from running after those thieves in order to protect her.

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Netizens were happy with what the young girl did for her parents. For them, this shows her love to her father and that she will do anything to help him even if it’s already life-threatening.

On the other hand, some netizens said they were concerned for the welfare of the young girl especially when she fell on the road. They said the family was lucky that they were not hurt by that group of thieves.

Police authorities are now looking for those men in order to bring justice to the father.
What do you think of the young girl’s effort to go after the group of men who stole her father’s personal belongings? Do you think the family should be more careful of their surroundings? Tell us in the comments section below!

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