WATCH: Ang bongga sanang performance ng debutante, nauwi sa disgrasya!

Birthdays are a special occasion celebrated in all parts of the world, it is a day to rejoice for giving you another year to live, another year to be wiser, and another year to learn and explore life.

In the Philippines, we even have a tradition of having a grand celebration during the 1st, 7th, 18th, 21st, and 60th birthday, each birthday signifies different reasons on why it has to be celebrated more than any other birthdays.

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The 18th birthday or the debut celebration is one of the most anticipated events in every woman’s life; this marks her transformation from a shy playful girl to a stunningly beautiful lady. In the Philippines, girls’ welcoming their legal age are often celebrated with a grand debut party complete with exquisite gown, lovely floral arrangement, and ball-like dance performances attended by the debutante’s close family and friends.

A grand debut celebration will not be complete without the so-called cotillion or the traditional waltz dance presentation performed by the debutant together with her friends to officially welcome her coming of age.

In a viral video posted by Facebook page Nostalgia, it shows how a cotillion turned into a disaster after the debutant decided to incorporate a little twist to the traditional dance.

Instead of the traditional waltz, the debutant wearing a Victorian-inspired gown could be seen on the dance floor with several men. But the audience gasped as some of the men actually carried a platform making the debutant and her partner as if dancing in a floating platform.

At first, everything went smooth and jaw-dropping as the audience could be heard clapping and cheering to the one-of-a-kind debutant performance.

But this escalated quickly when the debutant lost her balance after turning which broke the tiny platform leading the debutant to slip inside the broken platform.

What made the accident worst is that the bottom part of the celebrant’s Victorian-inspired gown got stuck on top of the platform making her underwear totally exposed to all the guests who witnessed their performance.

The 31-seconds video immediately went viral on social media giving laughter to almost 904-thousand netizens.




Watch the hilarious video below:


Posted by Nostalgia on Saturday, September 22, 2018




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