WATCH: Kalaboso itong Budol Budol Gang member ng mga galit na tao!

Thieves can escape from the people they victimized but once they’re cornered, all hell breaks loose.
This is what an unidentified Budol Budol Gang member experienced after his victims and bystanders cornered him.

The guy, who was seen in the video posted by netizen Alshajid Compania, received some hurtful punches from his victims and some bystanders for stealing from other people.

It can be also seen that the guy was being dragged out by one bystander and a policeman from a jeepney. After he was dragged out, a woman, who is believed to be his victim, confronted him about what he did to her.

She told the police present in the incident that the man was talking to him but she later on realized that her money was being stolen by the guy. The guy kept on denying the girl’s claims against him
The police also mediated the heated situation by telling other people to stop hurting him.

Netizens don’t know what happened to the Budol Budol Gang member but it can be assumed that he was under police custody now.

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A netizen named Kaneki Lopez confirmed the guy is indeed a member of Budol Budol Gang member.

“T*ng in* eto din yung dumali sakin last year ehh.. Buti nahuli natong kupal natoh. San bato kinulong.. Gusto ko mag file ng kaso din dito ,” he said.

Some Netizens said this video should serve as a reminder to everyone that they should be careful when talking to strangers.

“Kaya wag kayo makikipagusap sa hindi nyo kakilala ha. Doble ingat kayo maraming siraulo ngayon,” Mary Rose Tarrayo Mendoza said.

There are also some who said the guy could have received more hurtful punches if the police was not there.

“Tama lng yung pulis.. kasi nandun na nga sia eh . Authority sia .. pero kung walang pulis bugbog sarado na yan,” Jethro Racadag said.

Posted by Alshajid Compania on Thursday, September 27, 2018

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