WATCH: Netizens, napa-wow sa ipinamalas na tinatagong talento ng mga sundalong ito!

When a man enters the military, he is already considered as a strong, brave, fearless, and courageous man who is willing to risk their life for the sake of their countryman’s safety. Military men have this serious and brusque image that even the toughest gangster in town could not match.

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We associate military men with tough-image simply because we are aware of what kind our tedious and rough training they have been through before achieving and getting in their respective positions. They’ve been through dreary training in order to be physically fit in fighting for the country and at the same time, they also have been through difficult psychological challenges to make their logic reasoning fit for a full-pledge soldier.

But behind this tough-image and unglamorous lifestyle, what we do not see is that these soldiers have time to have fun too. Just like any other normal person, they also have their humorous and fun side and know how to enjoy life even if they carry a huge responsibility in protecting the country.

Just like what several soldiers showed in this video posted by Facebook user Mhike Rutaquio Mayo which is now going rounds on social media.

In the 3-minute video clip, it shows that soldiers can have fun too and be comical with each other, it shows that they are not just all serious fight-ready, but they also have some time to shrug off the stress and pressure their job entails.

In the first part of the video, several soldiers in their complete uniform could be seen walking out from their tents as if about to face a serious situation. But as soon as they reached the middle of the place, other soldiers joined them too and gamely danced to the tune of an upbeat music.

The music could be recognized as the groovy beat of the locally-famous “budots dance”, even President Rodrigo Duterte was once seen grooving in this type of music together with some children in his hometown in Davao City.

In the viral video, it could be seen that the soldiers are throwing out the best performance of their lives and dancing that they have never danced in their lives before.






Watch the video below:


Posted by Mhike Rutaquio Mayo on Sunday, September 2, 2018


It goes to show that even the most serious man can have fun too. Netizens could not help but express their amusement to the talented soldiers. Read some of their comments below:









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