Backride sa motorsiklo, halos lumipad nang magpakitang gilas ang kanyang driver!

Some people do love some extreme activities to the extent of having the willingness to risk their safety for a jaw-dropping performance that would amaze and amuse everyone witnessing it.
Though it may look like a mere show-off for some, these little daredevils do not really care as long as they get the extreme adrenaline of executing heart-stopping tricks and stunts for their audience.

But sometimes, these stunts do not just amaze the people watching them, they also entertain them in a humorous way.

Take for example this video posted by a Facebook page called Sikat Ka Na TV.
The video was captioned with:

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“Kapit lang bes.. Wag ka bibitiw!”
It was a short 15-second video but it will surely make your day a lot better.
The video shows a motorcyclist riding his motorcycle with a companion seated at the back, traversing what seems to be a highway.

One might think that this was just an ordinary video of persons riding in tandem. But what would happen next will surprise you.

The driver of the motorcycle suddenly executed a trick by making his motorcycle roll with just one wheel by tilting it vertically and successfully regaining balance. The motorcycle was able to land on both wheels after the short stunt.

Though the trick itself was amazing, it would be impossible to not notice the person riding at the back.

As the driver did his stunt, his backride had no choice but to hold on tight for his life.
With the backride’s evidently slim physique, it was not surprising that he was almost flying together with the motion of the motorcycle. But it was somehow alarming that the person riding at the back was not wearing any safety gears such as a helmet.

Aside from that, he was only wearing a pair of slippers, which is concerning because his feet were slightly dragged onto the cemented road while the driver was performing the stunt.
Nevertheless, the netizens were amused by the short clip. But may this video also serves as a reminder to everyone to always ensure safety whenever riding vehicles such as a motorcycle.



Kapit lang

Kapit lang bess.. wag ka bibitiw!

Posted by Sikat Ka Na TV on Thursday, September 27, 2018



Source: Facebook

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