Little Cardo Dalisay ng Cebu, ipinamalas ang kanyang talento sa pag-arte at pagkanta!

Little Cardo Dalisay surprises audience with his acting skit.
Some children do not have the privilege to have a decent lifestyle. At an early age, some of them had no choice but to work and look for other source of money and other basic necessities.

This is the life of street children who loiter around the urban areas to ask for alms from passersby for them to buy food for themselves and their family. Most of them rode jeepneys, giving away small envelopes to ask for a little amount from the passengers.

We could not deny the fact that most of us just ignore these poor children or worse, act hostile towards them, because we would rather save our excess coins for ourselves than give it to other people.

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But in rare cases, these little children could still find a way to entertain us and soften our heart. Some street children who hitchhike jeepneys perform for the passengers.

But this little boy surpasses every performances made by other children with his talent in acting and singing.

The boy entered the jeepney and sat at the center of the public vehicle.
He then proceeded on his acting skit. His piece is from the famous longtime-running action-drama teleserye of ABS-CBN, “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.”
He was reenacting the break-up scene of Cardo, a role played by talented actor Coco Martin, and Alyana, a character played by Yassi Pressman. The amusing thing is that the boy was doing both parts in his skit.

It is clear that the passengers were enjoying the child’s little performance.
Aside from acting, he was also singing the teleserye’s famous theme song, “Huwag Ka Nang Umiyak” in between the scene. One would notice that the little boy’s voice was actually good and pleasant.

Because of this performance, the boy was dubbed as the “Little Cardo Dalisay of Cebu” by the netizens.

Some wished that the child would be discovered as a talent or even be a part of the teleserye itself.



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Source: Manilaflash

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