Misis, nakatanggap ng best birthday surprise mula sa kanyang asawa!

A wife gets the best birthday surprise from her loving husband.
Birthdays are probably one of the most anticipated celebration of a person in a year. Birthdays are meant to celebrate one’s existence that is why loved ones such as family and friends always try their best to give the celebrant a memorable birthday celebration.

We have seen viral videos of birthday celebrations with unique birthday gimmicks, from the simplest to the most extravagant to the most creative.
But there has been a trending birthday gimmick in which the birthday surprise was inside the cake itself. The trick is that the celebrant would pull out the ornament on the cake only to see that with it comes out gifts from the inside. In most cases, they were several paper bills.

A netizen named Vanessa Sison Tablizo is lucky enough to experience the same surprise from her family. But hers is probably the sweetest. She posted the video of her birthday celebration on her Facebook account which instantly became viral.

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Vanessa woke up with her family greeting her a happy birthday. They bought her a bouquet of flowers and a birthday cake and sang her a birthday song.
After she blew out the birthday candle, her daughter who was documenting the whole event asked her to pull the cake ornament out.

She slowly pulled out the ornament only to find out that there was a trail of paper bills wrapped in plastic inside the cake. Vanessa was very happy while pulling out her gifts. She even said that she wanted that kind of birthday surprise all along and her family gave into her request.

After a while, Vanessa jokingly asked “Walang bang ibang color?” as she saw that it was all 20-peso bills.

After a few more pulls, the trail of money ended. But she did not know that there was something more special inside the cake.
She continued pulling the plastic out and saw one by one the words that would construct the phrase:


“Will you marry me again?”
Upon seeing the word ‘marry,’ Vanessa already cried because of happiness and immediately embraced her husband tight as a way of saying ‘YES’ to his proposal.
Vanessa definitely got the best birthday surprise she could ever have. Congratulations!


Source: Showbizread

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