Baliwag Transit Bus, nagpagewang-gewang sa basa at madulas na kalsada!

It takes a lot to be a driver. Not only does one has to familiarize himself with the places in his route, he too has the responsibility to bring his passengers to their location safely.

This is why there are strict rules and regulations implemented for the drivers to adhere to. The road is filled with signages to remind the drivers to always drive safely and responsibly.

But one could just imagine how harder it is to drive and maneuver massive vehicles with a lot of passengers in it, like buses. Buses were meant for long distance travels and aside from the number of its regular seating capacity, there are also those passengers who had to stand. This just means that there are at least 50 lives at stake if these drivers do not do their job properly.

Thus, one should have the necessary discipline to be a driver.
But it seems like not all drivers can act responsible enough. There are certain instances where a driver should be more careful on the road. Especially during the bad weather. Bad weather means raining and raining means the road turns slippery. And when the road gets slippery, the proper thing to do is to drive slowly.

But just take a look at this driver who instead of being more careful, decided to drive recklessly on the slippery road, thus, resulting to an almost accident.

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The incident was caught by the dashcam of a vehicle trailing behind the Baliwag Transit bus.

The bus first overtook the vehicle that was documenting the video. It is noticeable that the bus is going on an alarming speed given the weather situation.

As soon as the bus passed by the vehicle, the bus started to sway side by side as if losing its control.

Fortunately, the bus was able to regain its balance and landed safely on its four wheels.

If the driver was not able to maneuver it back to safety, there would have been an accident.

But still, the driver should be given the proper sanction for his reckless driving.

Baliwag Transit muntik na mawalan ng control ang driver buti nalang at na control niya rin dahil sa lakas ng ulanCourtesy of Rapide Auto Service – Meralco Commonwealth Pioneer Molino Alabang 📹

Posted by The Philippines News on Saturday, September 29, 2018


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