Mula sa balanseng PHP107, Seaman, sinisingil ng PHP32,000; Kolektor, nakatanggap ng sermon kay Tulfo!

Leonaldo Ruiz, a seaman, approached the public service program of Ben Tulfo, Bitag-Kilos Pronto, to complain about the lending agency that is asking for a payment of PHP32,000 from his balance of only PHP107.

Ben Tulfo interviewed Leonaldo about what really happened. According to the complainant, he went to the Infinite Lending Agency to loan an amount of PHP45,000 for the processing of his seaman application. The loan is payable within 3 months.

According to Leonaldo, he adhered to the protocol and was able to pay an amount of PHP18,553 every month within the 3 months allowance.

He thought that everything was already settled, only to find out that he still left a balance of PHP107.22. Leonaldo was not able to pay it within 7 months so he was surprised that his balance suddenly bloated to an unreasonable amount of PHP32,000.

When he asked the agency why this thing happened, their response was that they were getting the profit from the principal amount he initially loaned.

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All Leonaldo wanted was to settle down everything because this might hinder his ship boarding. He also feared that the agency might file a case against him if he will not be able to pay for his balance.

To help Leonaldo, Ben contacted the agency himself, pretending to be Leonaldo’s brother at first as to not be suspicious.

A woman answered on the other line. Ben asked her about the case of Leonaldo. The woman said that his remaining balance is PHP27,847. Turns out, Leonaldo still deposited to cut off his balance and to avoid complicating things.

The woman explained that Leonaldo should have just paid his balance on time because there is a PHP5,000 penalty every month that he would not be able to settle his account.

Ben told the woman that it is unreasonable. He then asked her if the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas knows their protocol.

The woman bluntly responded, “Oh e di itanong niyo!”
Ben could not tolerate this kind of attitude so he finally revealed who he really is.

He threatened the woman that if they do not stop this kind of extortion to their clients, he would be the one to face them personally. Ben reprimanded her and told her that he would locate their agency and he would make sure that they would get the sanction they deserve.

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