Netizen, humingi ng tulong para sa isang matandang mangangalakal

It is such a sad truth that not everyone has the privilege to live a decent lifestyle where one could provide basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter for oneself.

There is a still large percentage of Filipinos who belong below the poverty line.

We often see them loitering the streets looking for any means just to provide food for their empty stomachs. Some rely on asking for alms from the passerby, while some seek for rummages in the trash to look for something they could sell that would give them a small amount of money just to get through the day.

Take for example this old man in Bulacan.
The video was posted by the Facebook page called Ginalingan Eh. According to the netizen, he was just driving his motorcycle around Brgy. Area D., Purok 3, San Jose, Del Monte Bulacan, and was planning to already go home when he saw the old man sitting on the street.

The old man was carrying a sack with him and holding his crutch. According to the netizen, the old man was having difficulty in standing because he was already tired and hungry from the hours he spent outside trying to rummage the streets for some kalakal.

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The rain was starting to pour that time so he helped the old man to go to the waiting shed nearby so he could rest for a while and not get soaked in the rain.

There, he interviewed the old man and asked him some questions about his life.

The old man told him that he is living alone and does not have any family. He later on found out that the name of the old man is Abraham.

Tatay Abraham finds and collects plastics that he could sell at the junk shop somewhere in the market so he could buy himself some food and survive for the day.

He decided to give Tatay Abraham a burger so he could somehow ease his hunger.

He asked everyone who read his post to help Tatay Abraham in case they see him loitering the streets. The netizen also tried to reach out to the DSWD of Bulacan to provide help for Tatay Abraham.

Posted by Ginalingan Eh on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Posted by Ginalingan Eh on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Source: Facebook

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