WATCH: Bagong Modus ng Tinaguriang “Riding-In-Panty” Huli Sa Camera!

Technology advancement can both be a blessing and a bad luck in our lives; blessing as it helps simplify our day-to-day activities and making everything possible and easy at our fingertips, but it could also be a source of bad luck if you are one of those who fall victim to those scams that are using technology advancement to take advantage of other people.

But if there is one thing that technology has brought positive effect in our lives is it somehow gives us a sense of joy and source of something we could laugh about, just like the different memes and videos we see on a daily basis through social media.

One of the major technological advancement that made a huge impact on our lives is the closed-circuit television (CCTV). Through these spy cameras, we were able to monitor the safety of our homes and establishment; through the help of CCTV cameras, it is also now easy for our law enforcement to caught illegal activities and identifies the suspects that responsible for it and uses it as evidence against them.

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But more often than not, CCTV footages also capture hilarious events that would give us a tummy-ache due to over laughing. Just like this CCTV footage going viral on social media and making every netizen literally laugh out loud.

In the 36-seconder clip uploaded by Facebook page “Matalinong Matsing”, the camera is focusing on what it seems like an empty street in an unidentified location. Based on the CCTV footage’s recorded time, the video was captured at around 3 in the afternoon.

Right in front of the CCTV camera are some freshly laundered clothes hanged outside to get its much-needed sunshine to let it dry.

Beside the clothesline is a man riding a motorcycle as if waiting for something. For a few moments, the man could be seen looking left and right as if inspecting his surrounding or maybe looking for the one he is waiting for. At one point in the video, it seems that he noticed a nearby CCTV camera but disregarded it.

After making sure that no one is looking at him, the man stood up, breathe deeply and proceed to his main agenda… to snatch a piece of underwear from the pile of clothes lined up beside him.

He immediately placed the pink ladies undergarment inside his pocket, rode back his motorcycle and speed up like nothing happened.



Matalinong Matsing

Na hulicam ang isang riding in panty! Kaya pag-ingatan ang mga sinampay😅😅😅

Posted by Matalinong Matsing on Sunday, August 12, 2018

The said video gained hilarious reactions from netizens who could not help but laugh at the so-called “riding-in-panty” guy. Read some of their comments below:








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