Babae, nilabanan ang sumpa ng isang mangkukulam sa pamamagitan ng pagtapik

It is a known fact that Filipinos are very superstitious. We have our own set of primitive beliefs. These superstitions are especially prominent and rampant in the rural areas.

Each province in our country has their own “kwentong bayan” or myths. Most of them impose fear on people.

Such examples are the stories of deities, aswang, manananggal, or kapre. All of these are considered mythical creatures. People use these characters to warn others and encourage them to be vigilant.

Some of these superstitions are created to avoid bad luck and trouble in one’s life. Many believe that there are ways to prevent the unknown danger, may it be caused by real people, or even paranormal.

In a story shared by a woman in Facebook, she believes that she might have had encountered a real mangkukulam or witch.

The woman narrated her unsettling experience through a Facebook post.

According to her, she and her boyfriend were queuing for an FX ride in SM North Edsa, when an old woman approached her.

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She described the lady as “curly haired, medium built, slightly crossed eye.” The woman tried to sell her scapular necklace to which she politely refused.

She said that she usually gives coins to vendors and beggars but she had already given her remaining five-peso coin to a kid selling sampaguitas prior to that.

She kindly said “Ate pasensya na po, wala na akong barya e. Next time na lang.”

But to her surprise, the old woman smirked at her and asked, “Pwede patapik?”

The woman did not even bother to wait for her to answer and immediately pat her on her arms and then walked away.


She was caught off guard but luckily, she remembered what her father told her about “tapik.” It is said that when a stranger pat you, it is his or her way to cast a spell on you. The only way to fight it is to pat the person back.

After recalling this, she did not waste anytime and pat the old woman back.


The old vendor stopped on her tracks and faced the woman. She then blew her, so the woman blew her back.

After realizing that the woman knows what she’s doing, the vendor walked away.

But not before threatening her with, “Laking Quiapo ako. Akala mo ba. Babarangin kita. Mamamatay ka nang maaga.”

The old woman suddenly muttered an incantation of some sort in a foreign language, just as she and her boyfriend ascended the vehicle.

While the old woman continued her incantation, she countered it by doing the sign of the cross and saying prayers. She wanted the old woman to know that her faith is stronger than the old woman.

But before they parted ways, the old woman shouted at her.

“Hindi ka makakatulog mamaya!”

While on her ride, she began contacting her friends who know a “magtatawas.” They assured her that nothing will happen to her since she was able to counter the old woman’s spell.

She shared this experience to remind everyone to always keep a strong presence of mind in times like this. Whether one is a believer or not, it is better to have some knowledge about certain superstitions.

Lastly, she reminded everyone to keep safe and always pray.

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