Makapigil-hingingan marriage proposal ng isang sundalo, viral sa social media!

We all have seen different kinds of a marriage proposal that definitely raised the bar for gentlemen in the way to ask their longtime partners to marry them; we’ve seen the grandest, most romantic, most cinematic, most random, and the most tear-jerker kind of proposal spread in social media.  All of it definitely touched our hearts and somehow made us think that hopefully one day we will be able to experience and document such a milestone in our lives.

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But recently, a Filipino marine soldier took his proposal game to the next level by giving his girlfriend a mild breakdown before popping out the big question and showing her the diamond ring.

In the video uploaded by Facebook user Mark Narcissus Apura, it looks like a road accident occurred in the streets of Koronadal City wherein a motorcycle rider could be seen facing down the floor beside his motorcycle as if he fell from it.

Some traffic enforcer and police patrol car could also be seen in the area making it look like there is really an accident. After a few minutes, another motorcycle with female passenger arrived in the scene.

The lady immediately hopped off the vehicle and run straight to the guy lying on the floor while hysterically crying. The traffic enforcers did not let her go close enough and asked if she knows the victim, when the lady identified herself as the girlfriend of the victim the enforcers tried waking up the guy on the floor.

He slowly moved and pretended to once again fall on the floor to grab something inside his jacket. He the bent down on one knee, showed off the diamond ring, and pops the big question. The lady could not help but burst into tears and eventually accepted the marriage proposal.

The sweet proposal drew cheers from the audience composed of several traffic enforcers who helped making the one-of-a-kind proposal possible.

The uploader also revealed that the marine soldier treated the traffic enforcers involved in the proposal to a sumptuous lunch as a way to express his gratitude in conniving with him to pull off such an act to surprise his now fiancé.




Watch the one-of-a-kind proposal below:

Posted by Mark Narcissus Apura on Saturday, September 29, 2018






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