Mister na tinulungang mapauwi ang OFW na Misis, hiniwalayan!

On March 27, 2018, Anthony Latoza came to TV5’s Aksyon Center to ask for help regarding the situation of his OFW wife in Dammam.

According to the husband, his wife’s male employer was sending her unsolicited lewd photos. When his wife tattled it to her employer’s wife, the woman blamed the OFW, got mad, and hurt her.

According to Thelma Latoza, the OFW, she found her employers talking about the incident. After a while, the woman employer dragged Thelma from the kitchen to her room.

Thelma said that her employer’s fingernails even left marks on her skin.

She said that she immediately called her agency about the incident.

Raffy Tulfo called Thelma’s agency and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) to help Thelma get back home to the Philippines.

Her husband, Anthony, was very persistent in following up the case of her wife.

On April 22, 2018, Thelma finally got home.

But the staff of Tulfo’s program weren’t able to fetch Thelma in the airport because her arrival was very unexpected.

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She did not even inform her husband about it and went straight to her parents’ home. According to the staff, Thelma and Anthony had a misunderstanding.

Tulfo invited the both of them to his radio program to reconcile.

Anthony brought Thelma a bouquet of flowers.

Anthony apologized to Thelma about all his shortcomings and begged her to come back home with him.

When Tulfo asked the reason why they got into a fight, Anthony said that he really had no idea why. He said that Thelma told her that she does not love him anymore.

Anthony and Thelma have two children.

When Tulfo asked Thelma if there’s a chance that they could reconcile, Thelma said that it has already become too personal.

Anthony said that he really wanted them to get back together. He said that even Thelma’s parents do not approve of their separation.

When Tulfo called Thelma’s mother, she said that she doesn’t know what happened to the two and she hoped that Tulfo could do something to reconcile them.

He admitted that it might have had something to do with his short-temper. Anthony said that he’s willing to change for Thelma.

But Thelma seemed like she was already firm with her decision.

Anthony said that they already talked before this day but Thelma told her that they’re only going to talk about their children and nothing else.

Anthony thought that Thelma might already has a boyfriend.

Thelma admitted that it had something to do with Anthony’s parents and siblings.

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