OFW, naiyak nang malamang wala nang natira mula sa perang pinaghirapan niya sa Saudi nang dalawang taon!

An OFW sought help from the public service program of Raffy Tulfo regarding his problem with his wife who spent all the money he earned from working abroad.

Winifredo Binondo is an OFW from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He worked there for two years and was able to send his wife PHP20,000 every month since 2016. He has five children but according to him only three of them benefited from his monthly padala since his eldest is already working and the other one is a scholar.

Raffy Tulfo contacted Winifredo’s wife, Ma. Cristy Binondo, to settle the conflict, and asked where did Winifredo’s money go.

Cristy said that with them having five children, PHP20,000 per month is really not enough. She admitted that it was her fault that she loaned some money from other people without telling her husband about it. But she said that she only did it for their children. She also admitted that she did not pay the SSS of her husband for 10 months and was not able to pay the tuition fee of their children. Because of this, Winifredo could not help but get mad at Cristy. She said that Winifredo was spewing profanities at her and was ignoring her.

They talked about it the moment Winifredo got back. Cristy thought that her husband would not get mad at her but she was wrong.

“Utang ka nang utang, hindi mo na ipinaalam sa akin. Wala namang problema kung sinabi mo. Walang problema ang pagbayad. Kaso tinatago mo, bakit ganoon?” Winifredo exclaimed.

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Cristy said that she did not have extramarital affairs nor have any vices. The only thing she did was to loan some money to provide for their children.

Tulfo said that this was just a problem of miscommunication. He told Cristy that she should have just look for a job knowing too well that PHP20,000 is not enough for their family. He also said that she should have made a budget list for Winifredo to know where his money was going.

Cristy said that she just wanted for her husband to forgive her. Winifredo said that forgiving her would not be a problem. The real problem here is that they do not have any money anymore.

Tulfo said that it already happened and they could not do anything about it.

“‘Yung pera, kikitain pa ‘yon. Pero ang pagsasama, kapag ‘yan ay once naputol, nasira, mahirap na,” Tulfo advised them.



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OFW, umiiyak dahil 2 taon na paghihirap niya sa Saudi, wala raw napala!!!

OFW, umiiyak dahil 2 taon na paghihirap niya sa Saudi, wala raw napala!!!#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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