Babae, Nagbasag Ng Picture Frame Sa Sobrang Galit Sa Dating Kinakasama!

Janete Buenafe wanted to seek help in order to see her two children again who were currently under the custody of her former live-in partner.

She said that the two of them got separated when they had a fight which led to the man dragging her out of their house.

Janete said that whenever they got into a fight, aside from hurting her physically, Daniel Ilagan, the said former live-in partner, oftentimes pull out his gun.

Tulfo called Daniel and asked him why he refused to let Janete see the children.

Daniel said that he’s more than willing to let Janete visit the children, and it was Janete who chooses to make things complicated.

He even wanted for them to get back together again.

“Bakit ba lagi mo na lang gustong wasak ang pamilya?” said Daniel.

Janete said that she used to say that she would get back to him but then she thinks about the times when Daniel loses his temper and would threaten her with a gun, she realized that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore.

Daniel said that it was also partly Janete’s fault because she often got jealous without reason. He even said that he was a battered husband. Daniel said that even their house helper was physically harmed by Janete.

Daniel said that even their children could attest to that.

Tulfo told Janete tha he’s trying to weigh the situation fairly. Even though Janete is a woman, it does not give her the right to physically mistreat her partner.

Daniel would allow Janete to be with their children, even letting her back into their lives but Janete refused to get back with him because he threatens her and their children.

But in the end, Tulfo said that the main issue is the visitation rights and since Daniel already agreed to it, their conflict was already resolved.

The two of them met in the Barangay Hall to talk and resolve the issue.

Once they were face-to-face. She threw profanities towards Daniel, repeatedly accusing him of womanizing.

Janete showed some printed photos which proved her accusations. Things escalated quickly as Janete slapped the paper onto Daniel’s face.

Daniel tried to keep his cool all throughout and said that they went there to talk about “visitation rights” and nothing else.

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But later on, Daniel accused Janete of stealing some items in their house.

Janete pulled out a framed photograph and said, “Ninakaw? Ninakaw ‘yan? O eto!”

Janete broke the said photograph on the floor, sending glass shards everywhere.


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