Babaero at mapanakit na tatay, nasupalpal ng ingleserong anak!

Two children together with their aunt Jocelyn Casiño resorted to the program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about their father who engaged in extramarital affairs while their mother is away. In addition to that, they also get physically maltreated by their father.

Through a phone patch, Tulfo was able to contact the children’s mother who is an OFW in Saudi Arabia. Marites Nierva got emotional while narrating the things her husband did to her children.

“Hindi niya po binibigyan ng pagkain po,” said Marites crying.

Her husband also often threatened her that if she will not send any money, he would left the children.

“Sabi niya po sa akin bahala na po ako sa mga anak ko.”

The older child said that his father hurt them especially his younger sister. According to him, his father would bump his sister’s head onto things.

They also could not get away with their father’s verbal maltreatment. Their father would often throw profanities at them especially when they were asking for money for their projects or even for their food.

He also said that their father has a mistress named Agnes Sanchez. Though the woman was not staying with them, they would often see their father shamelessly having a video chat with the woman.

The woman would even chat their mother to say that the reason why her husband left her and her children because she’s “mas masarap” and “mas magaling” especially when it comes to doing the deed.

When Tulfo talked to Agnes herself, she denied the accusations on her. She admitted that she was indeed in a relationship with the children’s father but she denied that she treated the said family poorly. She and the man was no longer in a relationship.

But Marites said that when she and her husband were talking the previous week, he told her that he and Agnes were still ongoing.

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Agnes said that the man might have said it so his family could point to someone.

“Nananahimik na po ako, Sir. Ayoko na po ng gulo,” said Agnes.

The next day, Michael Nierva, the father and the husband being complained about, came to show to clarify his side.

According to Michael, Marites ordered their children to file a complaint against him to stop his plan of going abroad.

The couple talked about their issue on air. Marites blurted out how problematic her husband was while Michael denied the accusations.

The youngest child still wanted her parents to get back together despite what she had experienced from her father.

Marites said that she really loved her husband but it has become harder for her because of what Michael was doing.

Michael on the other hand said that he’d rather not get back with Marites because he knew that whatever’s happening between them will soon find its way to happen again.

The older child talked to his father. And surprisingly, he was able to make his father shut up.


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Ingleserong anak, inaway ang babaerong Tatay!

Ingleserong anak, inaway ang babaerong Tatay!Anak: Stop acting like you're a FREAKING SHIT.Tatay: Tatanggapin ko lahat yanA Romantic Comedy episodeLAUGHTRIP!!!#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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