Nanay, inireklamo ang mukhang perang teacher na puno’t dulo ng nangyaring pangbu-bully sa anak!

A mother sought help from Ben Tulfo’s public service program, Bitag-Kilos Pronto, regarding the case of her child who had experienced bullying in her school because of a sensitive video.

Mylene Gutierrez, the mother of the Grade 6 victim, narrated what really happened at her daughter’s school. Her daughter used to go to Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School where the incident occurred.

According to Mylene, her daughter was recorded while she was using the school’s comfort room. She said that it was her neighbor who saw the video first as it was posted on Facebook. It was a real violation of dignity on her daughter’s part.

Mylene said that there were five children who were responsible for the incident. She said that the incident happened because those five children were not accepted in their MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, Health) subject because they were not able to pay PHP20 for the test papers.

She said that she and the parents of the other children had a confrontation in the principal’s office but the principal did not do anything about the case. According to Mylene, no apologies were said.

In the end, Mylene decided to transfer her daughter to a different school because she refused to go back to the place where she experienced the very traumatic incident.

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Bitag-Kilos Pronto tried contacting the school authorities involved. Reynaldo Manano, the school principal refused to give an interview, instead, he said that the case is already closed.

Mylene shared that the parents of the children did not apologized to her, however, two of the five children did while the other three just cried. The age bracket of the children were from 11 to 14 years old.

What Mylene wanted to happen is for the MAPEH teacher to be fired since she believed that he should have prevented the incident if he just let the five children stay inside the classroom.

Tulfo contacted Dir. Wilfredo Cabral, OIC and the Regional Director of Department of Education of NCR, to seek advice from what should be done. He explained everything to Dir. Cabral and asked if Mylene’s demand to have the MAPEH teacher fired is valid.

Dir. Cabral told him to sent Mylene in their office for them to hear the whole story and have the case investigated. Cabral understood where Mylene was coming from.

After their conversation, Tulfo once again talked to Mylene to further know the incident.

Mylene said that even before her daughter got out of the room, the MAPEH teacher asked her daughter to first buy a mineral water from him.



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