Pambihirang pagkakataon ng pagtama ng kidlat sa eroplano, sapul sa camera!

Aside from being gloomy and a little lazy during the so-called “bed weather”, this kind of weather can also cause us to worry having a flash flood, landslide, tsunami, lightning strike, or other unfortunate events caused by an inclement weather.


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Due to technological advancement, it is now easy for our experts to monitor if there is an upcoming typhoon approaching a certain place. In this way, they can alert all residents as well as air and water travelers to avoid flying or sailing as it may cause further danger.

When there is a typhoon approaching there are times that experts recommend canceling airplane flights and ships to cruise, however, there are still some instances when people could not predict natural calamities very well and will still cause an accident to a lot of people.

Just like what happened in this video footage reportedly taken by an airport ground officer who was also shocked by what he just witnessed.

In the 28-minute video clip, a commercial plane could be seen flying in the middle a dark gray sky which clearly indicates that there is currently a bad weather.

But after a few seconds, that same plane was seen hit by a huge lightning, at first it seems that the plane is still working perfectly fine even after was struck by lightning. But separate footage shows the same plane crashing and moving fast to the ground.

The said video gained different reactions from netizens who mostly believe that the video was not legitimate and was only modified for the sake of entertainment.






Watch the full video below and be the judge:

What is your verdict? Share us your thoughts in the comments section.







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