Tuwang-tuwa siya matapos magawa ang hamon ng tropa, pero ang ‘di niya alam, siya na pala ang napag-tripan!

In the Philippines, aside from having a group of friends in the school composed of your classmates, we also grew up having a different set of friends in our neighborhood. During the weekend or even after classes, we are used to hanging out with neighbors who also became one of our closest friends over the years.

During the 90s era, street games like patinteto, piko, ten-twenty, Chinese garter, moro-moro, and more are very popular and youngster neighborhood had already developed this routine of playing with one another on a certain time of the day.

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Nowadays, due to the modern technological advancement, kids tend to stay at home playing with their gadgets and using their computers, so the interaction and connection with neighborhood friends are no longer maintained.

But with this group of friends who still manages to stay outside the house, disconnect with their gadgets, and still finds time to hang out and have fun with each other.

In the video posted by Facebook page Trending Pinoy Views, it shows how a group tricked one of their friends into trying on a challenge but later on, he was the one falling victim to their prank.

In the 1-minute video clip at first group could be seen instructing the guy in red shirt what to do. Apparently, the group is challenging him to place a piece of a stick inside a plastic bottle while one of his eyes is closed and secured by one of their friends.

Sounds easy right? The guys accepted the challenge and gamely inserted the stick inside the bottle without any sweat. But after doing so, the group burst into laughter not because he was able to do the trick but because the joke is actually on him.

The group once challenged him to do it again but this time covering the other eye, the guy easily gave in the trick without a blink of an eye without knowing that both his eyes are now covered with black ink from the one covering his eyes through the entire challenge.

What made the prank funnier is right after each challenge round, the victim is gleaming with pride and joy as he performed it perfectly while the group are bursting into cheers and laughter because he now looks like a cute little panda.





Watch the hilarious prank below:

Napag tripan ng barkada

Yung niloloko ka na, tuwang tuwa ka pa!© Michael Jopia Rodales#TrendingPinoyVideos

Posted by Trending Pinoy Videos on Monday, October 1, 2018



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