WATCH: Inang OFW na Inuuna Pang Magpadala ng Pera sa Boyfriend Kaysa sa mga Anak, Nakatikim ng Sermon kay Raffy Tulfo!

They say when a woman gives birth and becomes a mother, she also gave birth to a new version of herself. A tougher and more responsible kind of woman who is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of her children.

But sadly, not all women are empowered and inspired because of their children, some seem to forget about their responsibility and tries to live a “single lady” kind of life.

Just like the complaint of this grandmother who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to talk to her daughter who prioritizes sending money to her lover instead of her four children.

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According to Lola Marlyn Lazo, her daughter Irene is currently an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Omman, Iran. She left the Philippines back in February 2018, but after almost three months, she is not sending any financial support for her four children who are under the custody of Lola Marlyn.

Later on, Lola Marlyn discovered that Irene is consistently sending money to her boyfriend who is also in the Philippines. She revealed that when she discovered that Irene is prioritizing the needs of her lover instead of her kids, she really felt bad since their family was also left in a huge debt in order for Irene to successfully land a job abroad.

When the program contacted Irene, she admitted to having a relationship with a guy she only identified as Jay but denied that she is sending her regular allowance. She explained that she only sent money to Jay once when he badly needed it.

Irene revealed that her mother and sister Marlinda is bullying Jay and would often express spiteful words against her leading her to feel bad and decided to stop sending money to them.

She also said that although she and the father of her children are already separated, the father is consistently giving financial assistance to the children. But Irene’s eldest daughter revealed that their mother once used the money that their father gave in order to buy a couple shirt for her and Jay.

When Tulfo suggested to regularly send money to her kids, Irene said that she could not promise to regularly send financial assistance since she also has her own life abroad.

“Hindi ko po pwedeng mapapangako ‘yan, may sariling buhay din po kasi ako dito. May mga pangangailangan din po ako dito, sir, hindi naman po basta-basta lahat ipapadala ko yung sahod ko,” Irene said.

Because of this, Tulfo slammed her and said: “Eh bakit ka pa nag-abroad, mam kung sarili mo lang pala ang iniintindi mo pero yung mga anak mo wala ka ng pakielam kasi may sarili ka ng buhay?”

Tulfo then concted Vina Elman – Vice President of Hirotiger International Agency Inc – Irene’s employment agency and requested to require Irene to have monthly deduction that will go straight to her children.



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