WATCH: No party? No problem! Bata todo hataw sa pagsayaw kahit hindi invited sa party, viral sa social media!

If there is one thing that can be proud of being a Filipino who was born and raised in the Philippines, what would that be? Well, you will definitely have a long list of characteristics and personalities in mind that makes you proud as a Filipino, some of them include our resiliency in times of disaster, our “bayanihan” culture, the Filipinos ability to adapt to other culture and language, and of course, our strong love for our country.

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Aside from these positive traits, one of the many things that makes a Filipino proud about their nation is our world-class talent, be it singing, dancing, acting, and other unique talents, Filipinos have one person who can represent our country on top.

Dancing is one of the many talents every Filipino has, we have this natural groove that makes us stand out among other nations, our overflowing passion for the craft is shown whenever we hit the dance floor.


Although not all of us are given the chance and opportunity to showcase our dancing abilities in the international scene, we sure can still express this talent on different occasions like family parties and other gatherings.

But for natural born dancers, there are times that you really can’t contain your moves and want to unleash it anytime, anywhere, regardless if there is an audience or not.

Just like this little girl caught on act dancing outside an ongoing children’s party which looks like she is not part of…. wait, what?

“Yung alam mo yung sayaw pero hindi ka invited?” this is the caption wrote by Facebook user Vina Piencenaves Anasco in a hilarious video she recently uploaded on social media.

In the 1-minute and 20-second video, a young girl wearing a pink top and printed leggings could be seen dancing her heart out while outside an establishment.

Apparently, there is a party going on inside and she seems not invited but could not help herself and has to let go her urge to dance.

So instead of crashing the party or containing her excitement, the little girl just grove to the music while the famous Filipino fast-food chain mascot dances and entertains the guests inside the party.

But wait there’s more; the groovy girl did not just unleash her inner G-Force by randomly dancing outside but actually dances the same choreography as what Jollibee is doing. Amazing!






Watch the funny video below:

Yung alam mo yung sayaw pero hindi ka invited😄😄😄👏👏👏

Posted by Vina Piencenaves Anasco on Sunday, September 30, 2018







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