Lalaking todo kayod sa kabila ng kapansanan, viral sa social media!

PWD or persons with disability.

Sadly, these three-letter abbreviation and three words are often synonymous to strong and hurtful words like useless, hopeless, worthless, inadequate, and more.  A lot of people always think that PWDs could be associated as someone who always needs help and assistance and almost causing a burden to other people.





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Of course, having a disease or disability is not something these people wished for themselves to acquire, but they gather themselves up and continue with their battle in life through the help of their supportive family, friends, and loved ones.

Unlike the common stereotype of being useless and burden, most PWDs do not let their disabilities hinder their progress in life and make them feel worthless just because they are ill. Most of them still work like any ordinary person, there’s this eyesight-challenged massage therapist, a musician with amputated legs, deaf people who are working as kiosk crew, and many more.

Just like this guy who recently went viral on social media after obviously working tirelessly despite his illness.

According to Facebook user Hess Heinrich, the anonymous guy in the photo is suffering from Cerebral Palsy – a neurological disorder that affects a person’s movement, motor skills, and muscle tone, this is caused by an abnormal development of the brain during pregnancy which affects the person’s ability to control his or her muscles.




But despite this serious illness, the guy could be seen working as a trash monger in order to earn just a little amount for his day-to-day expenses and survive his daily life.

Instead of being succumbed to depression and feeling worthless, this guy stretched his bones and muscles and did not let his disability hinder him to continue his life and live like a normal human being.




In the video posted, the CP victim could be seen carefully sorting out some useful trash that could be beneficial and converted into cash. Although no one even tried to help him, he shows strength and courage to do to job inspire his condition.

Although the identity of the guy in the viral post is not yet disclosed, a lot of netizens expressed their admiration to him and continuously tagged the news-oriented show Kapuso Mo Jessica Sojo in the hopes to get help for the man.



Posted by Hess Heinrich on Tuesday, October 2, 2018








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Source: Facebook

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