PANOORIN: Cute na bibe nag-viral sa social media dahil sa ginawang ito…

“May tatlong bibe akong nakita
Mataba, mapayat mga bibe
Ngunit ang may pakpak sa likod ay iisa
Siya ang lider na nagsabi ng kwak-kwak”

Every Filipinos are very much familiar with this song by now, a song dedicated to cute little ducks together with one who has mature wings that leads the pack of ducks to swim in the river. This song is very popular especially among children who even dance to this music as if imitating the adorable movements of a duck.

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But looks like these tatlong bibes should move over to the side as a real-life bibe recently captured the attention and hearts of netizens after its video went viral on social media.

In the video posted by Facebook page Trending Pinoy Videos, it featured a real-life duck accompanying an old woman while doing her grocery shopping.

According to the uploader, the cute duck is owned by the old woman in the video who follows her wherever she goes, just like the behavior of any domestic pets, but this time exhibited by a farm animal like this duck.

“Eto yung alagang bebe ni Lola, kahit san sya magpunta sumusunod sa kanya.. itinuturing nya itong bebe dahil sila na lang magkatuwang sa buhay,” the video caption states.

During the first part of the 1-minute and 39-seconds video clip, the black and grayish colored duck could be seen patiently waiting on the side while his human is busy chatting with some grocery attendants.

As soon as she finished chatting and walks around the grocery store, the adorable duck follows the old woman while wiggling its rump and tail. The duck’s gestures drew cheers and laughter among grocery staff and other customers who could not contain the cuteness of the little duck.

The duck patiently follows and accompanied the old woman outside the grocery store, a very unusual sight for everyone.



Watch the lovely video below:

Katuwang sa buhay.

Eto yung alagang bebe ni Lola, kahit san sya magpunta sumusunod sa kanya.. itinuturing nya itong bebe dahil sila na lang magkatuwang sa buhay..© Charie May

Posted by Trending Pinoy Videos on Wednesday, October 3, 2018


It only goes to show that dogs are not only the man’s best friend, but every animal could also be a man’s best friend as long as we treat them fairly, showered them with much love and care which they will, later on, reciprocate with loyalty.

The said video immediately went viral on social media and drew humorous reactions from netizens. Read some of their comments below:







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