Huli-cam: Bukas-kotse modus ng isang lalaki sa gitna ng traffic!

Law offenders are really out there committing their illegal activities and victimizing innocent individuals just everywhere they can. Some even have the audacity to do it in public, not even caring about the other people literally looking at them. They are really good at taking advantage of certain tight situations to favor their desires without really putting much consideration to those who they are willing to victimize.

We have seen several videos caught on CCTV or a vehicle’s dashcam capturing these perpetrators while they were committing such offenses. In some cases, the victims remain clueless until the offense was already done. While in some, other people already saw the perpetrator in action yet chose not to do anything about it and remain a mere spectator to an incident.

We are fully aware that we have a faulty transportation system and because of this, we experience and suffer from traffic jams almost everyday especially during busy and rush hours. Not only is this an inconvenience for the motorists, traffic jams could also be an avenue for law offenders to commit illegal activities knowing that motorists are just stuck in the area, inside their vehicles, and most probably could not do anything in case perpetrators do something.

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There have been cases of robbery during heavy traffic where strangers approached an unmoving vehicle only to rob its driver and then easily run away. One might have probably heard about the bukas-kotse modus of robbers where they open the car doors or its trunk only to rummage what’s inside. They mostly do this whenever the driver or the car owner is not present.

But the case in this viral video is different.

The video was posted by a netizen named Jun Ryan R. Arañas with a caption:

“WATCH: Mag ingat! hindi lahat ng bukas’ kotse modus suspect ay mga pagala-gala sa tabi,. yung iba hindi mapagkakamalang gagawa ng hindi mabuti.

Video taken last September 30, 2018 at around 11pm along Edsa cor. Roxas Blvd.”

In the video, vehicles were stuck in a heavy traffic. Suddenly, just a few cars away from the car of the person who posted the video, a man carrying a backpack approached an SUV and moved at the back of it.

Jun’s company immediately noticed that the man was doing something to the car.

“Ano ‘yun? Binubuksan niya ‘yung kotse? Pinagtitripan niya lang o…?” said the woman he was with. He asked her to take a video of the incident on her phone.

After a while, the perpetrator took something from the SUV. It was still unclear what spare part he got. A motorcycle driver approached the man but did not do anything. It is also noticeable that no person stopped the man from what he was doing.



Watch the video here:

WATCH: Mag ingat! hindi lahat ng bukas' kotse modus suspect ay mga pagala-gala sa tabi,. yung iba hindi mapagkakamalang gagawa ng hindi mabuti.Video taken last September 30, 2018 at around 11pm along Edsa cor. Roxas Blvd. Sorry for the poor video footage.

Posted by Jun Ryan R Arañas on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Source: Facebook

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