PANOORIN: Tatay na sumugod sa computer shop para gawin ito sa anak, viral sa social media!

We grew up having an utmost respect for our parents, especially our fathers. Our mothers would often tell us to pay respect to the family’s patriarch as he is the one working so hard in order to provide all the needs of the family. Growing up, we have instilled in our minds that a father is an honorable man who does everything for his loved ones.

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Aside from being the sole provider of the family, fathers are also the main disciplinarian of the children. They are known for imposing stricter rules and regulation and having the last say when it comes to all decision making.

They may look strict and serious at all times, but deep inside we know that our fathers only want to discipline us and raise us as better individuals who have good morals and right conduct. We may feel that sometimes they are already going beyond the thin line of being strict and authoritative; we should keep in mind that our fathers only do this for our own benefit.

Just like this father who recently went viral on social media after his discipline style was caught on camera.

In the video uploaded by Facebook page OFW Likers, a group of male students could be seen flocking inside a computer shop as if very busy with their own businesses.

If you are not familiar with this kind of scene inside a computer shop, this group composed of male students are more often than not, engaged in online games and battling against each other. Sometimes, this kind of gaming flocked with the audience also involves money betting or just pure friendly match.

But after a few seconds, a man with a bigger built than most of the students inside the shop could be seen entering and rummaging through the pile of youngsters packed in the computer shop. He seems to look for something or someone and is ready to slam whoever will come his way.

After a while, he already found what he is looking for, his son who is also seated in the pile of gamers. He then grabbed him by the hair and using his all force, pulled his gamer son of a load of games and dragged him outside the shop.


Other game enthusiasts in the shop could not do anything and just witness how the father instill discipline to his son and watch as he drags him outside. They all just stared as if nothing happened and as soon as the father-and-son is out of the computer shop, they all went back to their own businesses.




Watch the hilarious video below:

What a play from Batrider! 🔊Next level play.

What a play from Batrider!🔊Next level play.

Posted by OFW Likers on Wednesday, October 3, 2018




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