Beki pinatumba ang lalaking kalaban sa isang street boxing match!

“Ako’y isang sirena kahit anong sabihin nila ako ay ubod ng ganda.
Ako’y isang sirena kahit anong gawin nila bandera ko’y di tutumba.”

This is the line from the song popularized by rapper Gloc 9, a song that is dedicated to the gay community who often receives backlash and criticisms from the society. Aside from being funny and giving us tummy-aching laughter, gays are also known to be strong both physically and emotionally as they conquer this world full of disapproval.

Recently, a gay in a viral proved that they will not really back down on any fight is given to them, be it a sport that is stereotypically meant for strong men.

In the video posted by Facebook user Jesther Manaig, a gay guy could be seen competing in a boxing match with another man who is definitely more manly and brusque than him.

According to Jesther, the street boxing match took place at Barangay Lalaan Uno in Silang, Cavite as the town celebrates their fiesta.

Upon arrival at the basketball court, the beki immediately drew cheers from the crowd as he enters in full confidence wearing a sports bra and cycling shorts and ramping around the imaginary boxing ring.

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As they prepare for their match, the beki whose name was not disclosed could be seen performing stunts while his male opponent could be seen warming up through dancing, making the match more exciting.

As soon as the referee signaled the beginning of the game, the beki immediately stormed his male opponent with multiple punches which drew laughter and cheers from the audience.

The beki seems very eager to win and he could be seen taking the match seriously and not even laughing in the middle of each round’s break.

During the second round, the beki aggressively attack again and did not even let his opponent land a punch on his face.

On the third round, the beki is determined to finish the match and punched harder leading for his male opponent to fall down on his knees, making the beki win via knockout!




Watch the videos below:

Posted by Jesther Manaig on Monday, August 27, 2018

Posted by Jesther Manaig on Monday, August 27, 2018



This video immediately went viral on social media and gained both laughter and praises from netizens. Some of them were impressed with the beki’s strong physical attributes while others expressed being entertained by the one-of-a-kind street boxing match.



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Source: Facebook

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