Dalawang Intsik Hindi Ginalang Ang Batas Ng Pilipinas!

The Filipino people were offended and did not like what these Chinese Nationals did when they tried to outrun the traffic enforcer who was giving them a ticket.

The incident was captured in a video by a netizen named Jam Jam posted the said footage. Jam Jam is also a traffic officered working for the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

According to Jam Jam, theses Chineses nationals disrespected them. They already violated the law and tried to ran away from the officers who were handing them their ticket.

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“Mga bastos na chinese tignan kung pano kami binastos, di na nahiya sila na may mali ginawa pa kami takbuhan.. Salute TC miranda,von brianne. Paki share po ng makarating sa kinauukulan” he wrote on his post.

On the said video, the Chinese Nationals were continuously asking the enforcers “How Much?” and the traffice enforcer told them “3, 000”. The officers repeatedly told them the amoung but they were not agreeing with the officer.

Though it was not clear in the footage as to what is the violation that the Chinese did, it can only be heard that they were saying “3,000, this at sign.”

The Chinese National was asked to sign the ticket but they refused to until they decided to ran away.

The comment section was filled with mixed reactions. Some of them said that it was not right to try to run away from the officers but some of them said that the violation was not clear.


Source: Facebook

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