Lalaki, inireklamo ang dating kinakasamang nagpatuloy at sumuporta sa kanya!

John Bryan Bitoon went to the public service program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about his former live-in partner who evicted him from their house. John Bryan wanted to retrieve all the items he purchased for their house, like the flat iron and the hangers, and the gifts he gave to her like the phone and the watch.

John Bryan is 23 years old while her former live-in partner is 31. He said that they both work for the collection department but he chose to resign after their break-up to avoid further conflict in their workplace.

John Bryan said that it was not the first time that her girlfriend asked her to move out of their house. He admitted that the first time it happened was his fault because he was cheating and was chatting other women.

On the second time, John Bryan said that it was her girlfriend’s fault. He said that her ex-girlfriend told him that she was ashamed of he was doing.

According to him, he was contacting and waiting for her girlfriend one night to ask her what time she will be going home as he planned on cooking their dinner.

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At around 8 in the evening, he went outside of their house only to see her girlfriend being accompanied by another man. He approached them but his ex-girlfriend denied to the man she was with that she and John Bryan is related with each other, instead said that she was just letting him stay in her house.

John Bryan said that he really loved her but the woman told her that she does not really like him and she just felt pity towards him since he had nowhere to stay.

Tulfo contacted the said ex-girlfriend, Bianca Claro, to clarify the issue in their relationship.
Bianca was really stern while explaining her side saying that she already caught John Bryan chatting other women for a couple of times.

She said that she forgave him once in the hopes that he will change but he ended up doing the same thing.

Aside from that, she said that John Bryan has no right to ask her to pay back everything he gave to her saying that supporting him before was already enough.

She also shared the instances where he bought and purchased personal items for him and gifts for her only to be paid by Bianca herself.

John Bryan could not help but get emotional from the hurtful things that Bianca told her. He said that he sacrificed so much for her like giving her all his salary to Bianca instead of sending it to his family.

He also said that he did everything for Bianca and her child to be happy. He was the one doing the household chores so that whenever Bianca gets home, she would not have to worry about other things.

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