Lalaki, naaksidente sa computer shop!

In this time and age, our generation is fortunate enough to be able to utilize different establishments that cater to the changing needs of each individual. Because of the abundance of technology, most people are expected to have access to gadgets that make life easier.

People also gained access to online platforms like social media. You could also do academic researches online. Those who are fond of games had found another way to enjoy playing with other people through online games. With these come the need for internet connection.

Those who cannot afford to have computers, laptop, or internet connection rely on computer shops or internet cafés. These establishments are cheaper since you only have to pay Php15 to Php20 per hour of internet usage.

Most teenagers spend their day inside computer shops just playing online games with their friends.
Gamers do have the tendency to be loud and animated while playing.

Their presence are dominating inside the computer shops and sometimes, it could be too annoying for the other people inside the establishment.

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Another thing, this type of behavior from these so-called gamers is also the reason why conflict among their group itself arises.

We’ve seen several videos of group of boys fighting to the point of physically hurting each other just because of an online game. It seems like their egos were too big so they get easily bruised by a simple competition.

But aside from fights like these, there are also several videos captured inside internet cafes that are too hilarious and would definitely gain attention from the netizens.

Just take a look at this viral video caught by the CCTV of an internet café. As seen from the video, the computer shop has two columns of computers and costumers with backs facing each other.

But in this video, try to focus on the right column. There, one could see that there was a small group of men talking to each other while still focusing on their computers. It is easy to assume that these men were playing online games.

One of them was too excited because he seemed to be winning the game. He could not stay still in his seat. Unfortunately, a slight accident happened.

As he leaned on the chair, the chair could not hold on to his weight thus, the chair broke its legs and the man came tumbling down on the floor.

People inside the computer shop looked at the poor man. At first, the man looked so embarrassed about what had happened.

A man helped him to stand up. After a while, the poor guy just laughed at his unfortunate situation.

Watch the video here:

Grabe yung suntukan 😰😰😰🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

Posted by Ervin Daniel Jasmin on Monday, October 1, 2018

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