PANOORIN: Batang dinaig ang ama sa isang arcade game, viral sa social media!

Aside from providing food, shelter, clothing, and proper education to children, it is also the parents responsibility to shower them with love and attention that will make them feel loved, accepted, and important.

One of the ways to do so is by spending quality time with children on a regular basis. It could be by playing games at homes, watching TV shows, making feeding and bathing time more enjoyable, or if parents have enough budgets, bring the kids to recreational areas where they can play all day long and fill their childhood with good memories.

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In this age and time that gadget is somehow stealing our quality time with our loved ones; it is heart warming to see parents who still makes an effort to take their kids out for a family bonding that does not involve WiFi connection.

Just like this father-and-daughter tandem who chose to use their spare time in an arcade gaming place to spend their much needed bonding.

In the video posted by Facebook page “Hanep TV” a father-and-daughter could be seen hanging out in the arcade place and trying their luck on the famous arcade claw machine.

An arcade claw machine is a type of arcade game commonly found not just in arcade gaming places but also in supermarkets, shopping malls, movie theatres, and bowling alley. It consists of a cabinet filled with exciting prices like stuff toys, hats, balls, shirts, dolls, or sometimes even food; it also has a wiring harness bridge, claw, and a joystick placed outside.

In order to operate it, the player has to insert the necessary amount of money or tokens inside the machine which will allow the player to navigate the joystick that controls the harness and claw to be able to get the player’s desired prize within the allowed amount of time.

In the viral video, it could be seen that the father is trying his luck on one arcade claw machine and attempting to get a green teddy bear for his little daughter who is also roaming around the area.

On his first attempt, the father was not able to secure the toy. During his second attempt, he almost got it near the opening but the toy fell down right before the allowed time.

After two attempts, the father seems to lose his hope and just handed his remaining token to his daughter who immediately inserted it to the said claw machine. She then effortlessly navigated the joystick and without a blink, the cute little plush toy reached the right hole making her win the prize.

The little girl is so happy to get her new toy in just one try leaving her father mind blown of what just happened.




Watch the adorable video below:

Yung magaling pa si Baby kay Daddy.. haha!

Posted by Hanep TV on Wednesday, October 3, 2018





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