PANOORIN: Mister na harap-harapan na ngang nambababae at nananampal pa ng misis, sinampolan ni Idol Raffy!

Establishing a strong relationship has always been a challenge for many couples and whether we like it or not, not all of us are blessed to have a “happily ever after” kind of love story, unfortunately, some relationships come to an end for so many reasons; infidelity, unamendable differences, and financial issues are just some of the very common reason why a couple’s once happy relationship will conclude.

Sadly no matter how hard we try to keep our relationship strong and healthy, there will come a time that infidelity will really test a relationship’s foundation and it is only up to the couple if they will choose to love each other or give-in to temptation.

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Just like what happened to this wife who recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her husband who is just not committing infidelity right in her very eyes but also inflicting physical violence against her.

According to Vilma Fulo, her husband Alejandro is having an affair with another woman and even letting his mistress use her and their children’s clothes.

She also revealed that Alejandro would often inflict physical cruelty against her by slapping her whenever they are engaged in an argument.

When the program contacted Alejandro, he denied all the accusation and said that Vilma is only making up stories. Alejandro even challenged Tulfo to investigate him to prove that Vilma is not telling the truth.

To prove her claims, Vilma revealed evidence of Alejandro’s cruelty, she showed medico legal and other documents proving that Alejandro held violent force against her. But Alejandro once again denied it and said that Vilma only faked those evidences.

Although Alejandro did not admit the cruelty, he said that Vilma is always provoking him to do such a thing.

“One time sir inamin ko nasampal ko ‘yan dahil din sa pananakit niya sa’kin, pero ‘di ako nanuntok, ‘di ko yun gawain!” Alejandro said.

Because of this kind of reasoning, Tulfo slammed Alejandro and said that he will make sure to send him behind bars.

 “Gagawin kong misyon ko na ipakukulong kita, kasi galit nag alit ako sa isang mister na nambubugbog ng isang misis!” Tulfo said.





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