Lea Salonga, matapang na ipinahayag ang opinyon ukol sa iba’t ibang usapin sa lipunan

Lea Salonga expressed her opinions on the currect social and political climate in the country.

We’ve known Lea Salonga and her singing and acting prowess since she was a child. She is known as one of the most idolized singers in the country, especially with her theatre and broadway background. She is considered one of the best singers in our country and even internationally.

Lea Salonga had already made a mark in the broadway world as she starred in the most famous and greatest broadway musicals like Miss Saigon and Les Miserables. She has been one of the icons of “Pinoy pride.”

Aside from her innate talents, Lea is also known to be one of the fiercest, most vocal, and most logical persons in the industry. She is never afraid to voice out her opinions on current issues in the country.

In an on the spot interview with the press during an event related to the bank she was endorsing, she was asked by the reporters on her stance on certain relevant issues.

She was first asked if there was any offer for her to run for candidacy in any government positions to which she immediately said no and showed that she was not interested in doing so.

“I have friends that have done it. Some have won. Great for them. Some have lost. Great also for them. I think the ones who have lost kind of felt disillusioned by the process and they got to see something they should not have,” said Lea.

She said that their hearts might be in the right place but politics is a different ballgame.

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She said that our country has been divided and anything that a person say could be misinterpreted either way, and opinions of the people really vary.

When asked about what he thinks of President Duterte, she said that it was a hard question to answer. She said that on a personal stand, she was thrilled to know that some of the people she knows was appointed to a position. But she still could not help herself but to question those other appointees.

“It’s hard to be in a nuanced position in a divisive environment,” the singer said.

She also disapproved the proposal to change the final lyrics of the national anthem saying that she does not see it as something necessary. What people should do is to try and live up to the message of the anthem.

When asked about the issue of inflation, Lea said that she too is affected as she does not like it when her bills go up or that the price of basic goods increases.



Watch her full interview here:


Source: Updatedtayo , Youtube

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