Mga residente ng Brgy. 148 sa Pasay City, inireklamo ang nakakasulasok ng amoy ng pintura galing sa garahe ng Five Star Bus Company

Residents of Don Carlos Revilla St., Brgy. 148 in Pasay City went to the program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about the Five Star Bus Company near their area where the smell of paint reeks from. The foul paint smell has been causing some residents to get sick.

Flor Aguila, one of the complainants said that the smell of the paint is not just unpleasant to the nose, but also causes chest pain. She said that her husband is one of those who were affected. Her husband has been suffering from coughs since the foul odor occurred.

At first, they were told that the place was just a garage for their buses. But the staff started to do some painting in the area, thus turning it into a workshop.

Another complainant, Erwin Sambreo, said that the garage is near the Pasay Cemetery and a residential area.

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Tulfo called Benjamin Tomasar, the village chairman, regarding the complaint of the residents.

Chairman Tomasar said that they already talked to the bus company. He said that they already moved farther from the residential area and even put a cover to resolve the problem.

But Aguila responded that the bus company only stops what they were doing everytime the residents go to them to complain, only to resume their painting jobs once the residents are gone. The residents had complained about them for multiple times yet still nothing is being resolved.

She said that there’s no need for them to put a cover or a wall. The lot is too big so they could just park the buses at the farthest corner, away from the houses.

Tulfo told the chairman to make the company’s maintenance activities stop for a while.

He then contacted Arthur Villar, the maintenance supervisor of Five Star Bus Company, to tell him to stop their operation for a while because if they do not comply with the request, they would forward the complaint to the Pasay City Hall or the PNP.

Villar agreed but he also explained their side. According to him, they were asked by the residents to move their garage 50 meters farther to which they comply. But after a while, they received another complaint saying that the smell of paint still reached the residential areas.

Tulfo told Villar that the best way they could deal with the problem is to stop their painting jobs or much better, move their garage to someplace else.



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