Babae, inireklamo ang kumpanyang pinapasukan na hindi man lang daw hinuhulugan ang kanyang SSS.

An employee of the Vigilant Surveillance Corporation sought help from Ben Tulfo’s public service program, Bitag-Kilos Pronto to make some action about the company’s failure to deposit the money being deducted from her salary to the her Social Security System (SSS).

The complainant found out that her employer failed to deposit to her SSS from September 2017 until March 2018. She said that her pay slips are complete in which they indicate that there was an SSS deduction from it.

Arlene Olavere, the complainant, was disappointed and frustrated on what happened to her SSS especially now that she badly needs the money for her medical treatment. Arlene recently had a blood clotting incident last September 25 at around 11 PM, which rendered half of her body immobilized and numb until now.

She said that she is doing well now except for the fact that she is having a hard time moving and walking. She said that she tried to pretend that she could still walk properly but still, her limp is too noticeable.

Tulfo asked her more about her conditions and decided to give her a herbal food supplement which sponsored Tulfo’s program in an attempt to somehow improve her health gradually and to prove if the supplement is effective indeed.

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Tulfo told Arlene that they would try to monitor her health to help her at the very least. He also advised her to take care of herself.

Going back to the issue with Arlene’s employer, Tulfo contacted Lilibeth Suralbo, the senior communication specialist consultant of SSS, to seek help regarding Arlene’s situation.

He narrated the story of how the Vigilant Surveillance Corporation failed to deposit money to Arlene’s SSS which she very much needed given her condition. Arlene said that it was the second time that she had a blood clot. Tulfo said that this should be considered as a legitimate case against the company.

Suralbo agreed and added that Arlene should have been availing her health benefits by now if not for the negligence of her employers. She assured them that they would provide the necessary help that Arlene needed for her SSS.

Tulfo told Arlene that the Bitag team will accompany her to file her complaint at SSS.
Arlene thanked them for their help while Tulfo proceeded again on reminding her about her health and to try the food supplement they are offering her to improve her condition.

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