Big-time scam ng isang franchising company, huli sa Bitag!

A business woman complained about a company called Global Pinoy Remittance Services or GPRS to Ben Tulfo’s Bitag New Generation. This woman was victimized by the company into franchising them, only to find out that their services are not legitimate, thus, bankrupting her in the process.

No one could have known that GPRS is just a big operational scam because the business is actually legitimate. It had acquired permits from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) of Quezon City. But as it turned out, their marketing strategy and services offered were all bogus.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) considered this type modus as a high-profile illegal activity where they victimized those people who can afford to pay huge amount of money for the encompassing one-stop shop business they offer and those individuals who avail their bogus services, such as remittance, bill payment, and ticketing.

A business woman, to be called as Lisa, was one of the unfortunate ones who got victimized by the GPRS. She bought a franchise and paid more than half a million in the process. She said the she had undergone a 3-day training where the company taught franchisers like her on how to use the system.

Within only a week after she opened her business, she immediately received complaints from her costumers. GPRS claims that it only takes 24 hours before the payment of the costumers go to the biller. But as it turned out, some costumers claimed that it has been a week yet their payment was not yet transferred to the biller. GPRS reasoned that it was because the system was not online.
She had received more complaints, prompting her to just gave the customers a refund, thus, making her lose her own money.

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After 3 months, Lisa’s business got bankrupt with her not earning even a single centavo.

The Bitag undercover team immediately conducted a surveillance operation to further investigate the bogus business of GPRS by disguising themselves as rich businessmen and women. They were asked to pay a million for the franchise fee and had undergone an orientation.

The operation manager brought one undercover to their main office where they convinced him further to avail the franchise and provided him with a contract.

After the Bitag team gathered all the necessary inside information about GPRS, they approached the various companies and departments that really handled all the services that the business had been offering. All of them said that GPRS is not related to them nor it was a legitimate one-stop shop, proving that everything is just bogus.

Find out what happened next.

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