Pahinante, inireklamo ang among kulang na nga magpasweldo, bastos pa!

An employee resorted to Ben Tulfo’s Bitag-Kilos Pronto to complain about his employer who reprimanded and verbally mistreated him when he asked why his salary is constantly being deducted.

JR Guardo works as a porter at a construction firm under the management of his boss named Randy Sanchez. According to him, his employer deduct his working hours everytime they had to travel. He was already working for two and a half years now but his rate remained at PHP330.

He admitted that his tone was slightly mad when he asked about his salary. Because of this, his employer threw profanities at him saying that he does not have the right to complain when he cannot even accomplish the simple task of cleaning their trucks. But he said that during that time, he already cleaned them.

He did not like it when his employer verbally mistreated him when he was just doing his job. What he wanted now was to get those hours deducted from him.

When Tulfo interviewed him, he could not contain his emotions anymore. He is only 24 years old and he said that he was a high school undergrad and he does not have that much opportunity so he decided to stay at his job despite the unjust pay and treatment to him.

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Tulfo told him that it does not matter whether a person is educated or not and what matters more is the person’s character and attitude.

There are people out there who were able to graduate with a college degree yet do not know how to respect other people and there are those who did not finish their studies yet know how to treat others properly.

JR said that he does not know what else to do since it is the only job he has.
Tulfo told him not to think lowly of himself. He said that JR has a good heart, and with a good heart, comes a good mind. And that goodness in him might change if he continued working in a very hostile environment so he advised him to leave his job and look for another one.

Bitag was able to contact the said employer.

According to Randy Sanchez, they are not the one who hired JR. Instead, he was just being hired by the driver himself to act as a porter and his salary depends on their travel or delivery.

He said that for example, the employees travel to Bicol which could last 4-5 days, and during that duration of time, they were just sleeping (they travel through a ship) so their resting hours should not be counted.

He said that they had an arrangement in which they only get paid for their 16 hours.
Watch what would Bitag-Kilos Pronto do.

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