Panghuhuli sa isang snatcher sa may LRT Bambang!

One could never really be secured with their environment especially now that there is still the abundance of illegal activities and perpetrators around dangerous areas.

People with bad motives are just lurking everywhere, waiting to victimize innocent and helpless individuals. Though we could not control these perpetrator’s mind, we still could do something to at least prevent being victimized by them.

The most common illegal activities one sees on the streets is of course, robbery. Perpetrators could find different ways to rob a person.

In more unfortunate cases, victims were held at gun point or had sharp objects pointed at them so they would be rendered helpless and would have no choice but to surrender their possession instead of being physically hurt by these perpetrators.

In some cases, the robbery is unnoticeable, where in the perpetrator would slash someone’s bag to get a phone or a wallet. While others just directly take it from someone’s pocket when no one is looking.

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But one of the most abundant types of robbers around a city are the snatchers. Their strategy is to look for a victim who seemed to be unconscious of his or her surrounding. Most of the victims are those who use their phones outdoors.

That is why authorities constantly remind people to not use their gadgets whenever they’re outside to avoid this type of incident.

Just like what happened to this student who got her phone snatched.

The video of the incident was posted by a netizen named Jericson Marquez.
“Naglalakad estudyante, biglang hinablot yung phone buti na lang may civilian officer na nadaanan and then nakita ng student na sumakay sila ng jeep kaya hanggang sa mahabol nila,” the caption said.

According to Marquez, the incident happened around LRT Bambang Station at around noon time.
The video showed a man with a gun, assumed to be the civilian officer, holding the snatcher down while pointing a gun at him. The other company of the snatcher tried to stop the commotion by dragging their friend away from the officer.

A woman, probably the victim, was watching the whole incident on the side.
It was unknown whether the snatcher was sent behind bars.

As of writing, the video already had 5k reactions and likes and around 9k shares from the netizens on Facebook.

Netizens commented on the video and advised everyone to always be vigilant in their surroundings.

Lesson Learned: Dont use your phone lalo na sa kalsada lalo na kung wala ka namang importanteng Text/call na hinihinfay kasi ako I always use my phone kahit saan hanggang sa nakita ko tong scenario na to sa may LRT Bambang Station. Nag lalakad studyente biglang hilablot yung phone buti nalang may civilian officer na nadaanan and then nakita ng student na sumakay sila ng jeep hanggang sa mahabol nila.Guys be careful wala ng safe ngayon dito sa Manila . Tanghaling tapat nakaya pa nila manghablot. grabe. 😭

Posted by Jericson Marquez on Saturday, October 6, 2018

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