PANOORIN: Tatlong bata, walang takot na nakipagbuno sa mga ahas!

Some people have this certain craving for danger. That is why many people tried to be involved in outdoor activities such as extreme sports. But for those who are not athletic enough, some would opt to go to the wilderness to look for different wildlife, including those which posed potential danger for humans.

And sometimes, it’s not only the adults who have the guts to do these things.

Take for example these three children who are brave enough to go face-to-face with a dangerous python.

In this case, what the children did might not be actually new for them. People living in the rural and provincial areas tend to be more familiar with the wildlife environment. They had already grown accustomed to their ways of handling dangerous predators like a snake.

Based on the source, the scene was captured from the country of Cambodia. In a muddy field, three children were busy surveying the area looking for snakes. Yes, you read that right. These young children, probably ages 7 to 10 years old, were looking for snakes in an attempt to catch them with their bare hands.

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The water on the field was reaching their legs, therefore, snakes could crawl underneath them without them even knowing it. It is still unclear why these children were trying to catch a snake. At some point of the video, the children might have just wanted to play with these dangerous animals.

The oldest of the three was the first one to catch a snake. Their technique was to catch the snake first through its tail. After getting a hold of the animal through its tail, they would attempt to grasp its head to render it immobilized.

The video did cause some of its viewers to feel nervous and anxious about the possible danger that these children could face once their little game goes wrong.

Even the children themselves showed that they too feared the snake because of their constant screaming every time the snake would get too close to them.

They tried to drag the snakes by their tail, but the snakes also tried to bite them back causing the children to release them. But after a while, the children would just go back to catching them.

The one who was documenting the whole scene, on the other hand, was clearly enjoying what the children was doing as heard from his constant laughter.


Source: TNPMedia

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