WATCH: Raffy Tulfo, muntik mahimatay sa petmalung hiling ng isang nanay!

Veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo has been in the media industry for more than a decade now, aside from his tough-talking broadcasting style, he is also known for being generous and kind when it comes to those in need.

His career in the media has always been about public service, dedicated to serving people experiencing maltreatment, injustice, and helping those less fortunate. Just like any other people who exhibit epitome of kindness, Idol Raffy is also often abused by people who don’t just see him as a medium of God in helping other but also a huge peso sign.

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Recently, an elderly woman seeks the help of Raffy Tulfo requesting him to pay her monthly house rental. Apparently, Nanay Carmelita Malolos first seek the help of Tulfo back in November 2017 after running away from the custody of her son and decided to live on her own.

Out of sympathy, Tulfo offered to pay her initial house rental payment so she could have a peace of mind away from her son, in-laws, and the maid she is complaining about.

But after almost seven months, Nanay Carmelita went back to Tulfo’s program and requesting him to pay her monthly house rental. During her first visit, she fainted and lost consciousness after not seeing Tulfo since he is out of the station to attend to some complainant.

When she was finally able to speak to Tulfo on air, the so-called “Action Man” explained to her that he might not able to fulfill her request since the program is also extending help to other people and not just Nanay Carmelita.

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When Tulfo offered to give her capital to start a small business, she refused as there is already a lot of sari-sari store in their area. Tulfo again tried to give her options to generate income so she could pay her own bills, but the abusive elderly woman kept refusing and insisted that she only wants cash. Whoa!


Watch the full story below and be the judge:

Complainant, naunang hinimatay

Complainant, naunang hinimatay#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

Posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action on Friday, June 8, 2018


Netizens could not help but slam the old woman and express their disgust in the comments section. Read some of their sentiments below:






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