“Eh yung nauna pa si ateng?” Isa na namang eksena sa FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, pinag-usapan sa social media!

If you are part of what they called “Batang 90s” then you are probably familiar with the soap operas in the Philippines like Mara Clara, Esperanza, Mula sa Puso, and Pangako Sa’yo. These are just some teleseryes that could be considered longest-running in the country which already became part of our childhood and day-to-day activities back in the 90s.

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It has been a while since the Philippine TV scene had a long-running soap opera that really captured the hearts of the masses, not until Coco Martin’s “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”.

Ang Probinsyano started airing back in September 2015, it is an adaptation of Fernando Poe Jr.’s 1997 film which has the same title. But due to its action-packed scenes and interesting storylines that somehow reflect what is happening in the society nowadays, the public really responded well making it a top-rating teleserye of all time.

The storyline is so catchy and juicy that people do not want it to end, in fact, at the moment; FPJ’S Ang Probinsyano has been dominating the airwaves for almost 3 years now.

It’s most recent plot line tells a story of how a country President was plotted to be assassinated by his own vice-president that should help him run the country. The story really made the people fall in their seats especially after the fictional alleged activist group Vendetta was able to secure the president in the story.

Just recently, another video clip excerpt from one of the episodes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano went viral on social media and literally made the netizens laugh out loud.

In the video uploaded by Albea Jane Sta Ana, it features the scene where the presidential daughter is being abducted while and about to be carried out of the ambulance car by the abductors.

The moment they opened the back door of the ambulance, the actor fired a shot aiming at the two nurses who are accompanying the presidential daughter.


What made the netizens laugh so hard is during the slow-motion version of the video, it is very obvious that the lady nurse reaction to the gunshot is earlier that the special effects landed their bodies.




Watch the video below to have a LOL moment to yourself:

Yung nauna pa si ateng nurse na mawalan ng malay kahit di naman sya tinamaan ng bala.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Posted by Albea Jane Sta Ana on Thursday, October 4, 2018



After all, we all know that this is just a fictional scene which is directed by a good director.





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