Panooring ang nangyari sa lalaking ito nang makipaglaro siya ng Luksong Baka sa putikan!

Watch this video of a game of luksong baka which hilariously gone wrong.

We had spent our childhood trying to learn new things while still allowing ourselves to have fun during our leisure time.

Today, one might rarely see children playing outside since technology had already dominated over even the simple act of playing outdoor games. Instead of going out and mingling with other children around the neighborhood, some children opt to play computer games or other game apps found in their gadgets which they could play at the comfort of their own home.

This is unfortunate because they would not experience the fun of physical outdoor games, especially those which are considered as part of the local culture. We, Filipinos, called them as larong Pinoy.

Most children back in the day love playing games which could be played with your friends and neighbors in the streets or vacant lots around their area. Example of these games or larong Pinoy are patintero, piko, tagu-taguan, luksong tinik, luksong baka, and many more.

These games are hard to unlearn, thus, those w ho grew up playing them are still familiar on how it should be played until today.

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Take for example these two adult men who decided to play a game of luksong baka for fun.

Luksong baka is played by having one player crouching or bowing down his head and body while the other players jump over him. As the game progresses, the player bowing down will slowly rise his body up to make it taller, thus, making the game more challenging for those who are jumping. The goal of the game is to jump perfectly and without a hitch, with the exemption of touching the ‘it’ with both hands just to provide leverage.

These two men decided to play luksong baka on a really muddy area in what seemed to be a plantation or a farm. The mud was almost knee-deep, thus, moving is really difficult. They take turns in jumping over each other. The first man was successful in jumping over his friend and landing successfully on the muddy ground.

But when it is the other man’s turn, his friend decided to pull a prank on him.

When the man placed his two hands on his friend’s back, readying himself to jump, his friend suddenly crouched lower, thus, breaking the man’s momentum.

The man jumped but because of what his friend did, he ended up landing on the mud face first, burrying half of his body and his feet dangling upwards.

His friend laughed and immediately pulled him out. The man then threw some mud at his friend as he tried to chase him.


Watch the video here:


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