Pulis, tinulungan ang isang lalaking nasiraan ng motor sa gitna ng daan!

A netizen shared the kindness he experienced from a police officer after being stuck along Quezon Avenue when his motorcycle broke.

According to him, he was on his way home around 9PM when his motorcycle unexpectedly came to a halt along Quezon Avenue. He tried to make his motorcycle worked again but to no avail.

Fortunately, after a few minutes, another motorcycle drove by a police officer stopped where he was. The officer asked him where he lives so that he could at least help and tag him along.

The officer said that his way is along Novaliches area so he just asked if he could accompany him until at least SM North Edsa to which the officer immediately agreed.

The plan was to tie his motorcycle to that of the officers’. But he had a second thought when he saw that the officer’s rope is a just a normal rope and has a tendency to break.

He almost refused thinking that something might happen to them like an accident if the rope could not take it. But the officer insisted on still trying it because it might work after all.

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After a few minutes of driving their motorcycles, the rope indeed broke, but the officer tied it again and they continued traversing the road.

After they reached Muñoz area, the officer said that he would have to filled his tank first.

The netizen offered that he would be the one to pay the officer’s gas since he was wholeheartedly helping him, but the officer refused and said, “‘Wag na. Ako na bahala, may pera naman ako dito. Pareho lang tayong nagtatrabaho.”

According to the netizen, the officer already called his wife to say that he would be late for home because he would have to accompany him.

In the end, he was able to go home with the help of the kind officer.

He thanked the officer named SPO3 Giovanni Ranola Flores.

“Maraming maraming salamat sa pagtulong niyo sa akin. Sana maraming tao pa ang matulungan mo at pagpagpalain ka ni God! Hindi ko po kayo makakalimutan!” the netizen said in his caption.

As of writing, this story posted on the Facebook page called PNP Good Deeds has gained 6.3k likes and reactions, 1.3k comments, and 1.3k shares from the netizens.

Many people commended and salute the officer’s efforts and kindness in helping the man in need.


Source: PNPGoodDeeds

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