Walang puso at utang na loob na ina, kinawawa ang PWD na nag-alaga sa kaniyang anak sa loob ng 10-taon!

A devastated woman recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to help her have a chance to see and visit the child she took care of for the past 10 years.

According to Annaliza Austria, a person with a disability patient said that after looking after the welfare of the child for the past 10 years, her biological mother suddenly gets her back.

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Annaliza narrated that the biological mother only identified as “Glo” left the baby with her when she was still 2 weeks old. Apparently, Glo is afraid that her parents would disown and kick her out of the family if they discover that she got pregnant while studying nursing.

Glo initially planned to take turns with her classmates in looking after the child, but out of compassion, Annaliza offered to help and look after the child instead as long as she will help her especially in financial terms.

In fairness to Glo, she became a responsible mother and managing her allowance to buy the supplies needed by the child, but when she graduated this financial support stopped for a while and just resumed when she got hired as a nurse in Riyadh.

Throughout her stay in Riyadh, Glo is sending financial support for her child and also help Annaliza to fund the studies of her own child. But just recently, she forced to get back the child who is now 10-years-old and already established a connection and relationship with Annaliza.

 “Nakiusap po ako sa kaniya na ‘wag munang kunin yung bata sa’kin, tapusin muna yung elementary kasi yung bata po first honor na, vice president pa po ng school organization, pero ‘di po niya ako pinagbigyan,” Annaliza said.

“Alam ko naman po yung lugar ko dahil siya po yung legal na mother, binigay naming ng buong buo yung bata, ang pakiusap lang naming ‘wag niyang putulin yung communication sa amin,” she added.

Annaliza also narrated that they visited the child in Aurora back in May, they even borrowed money to fund their transportation just to see the child. In fairness to Glo’s family, they accommodate them but they can feel that they are drifting the child away from them.

The program tried contacting Glo’s uncle, Candido Velasco Jr in order to know Glo’s whereabouts, but Candido said that the latter also blocked him on all her social media accounts that is why she is not aware where they are right now.

Tulfo agreed that Annaliza has the right to see and visit the child whenever she wants to since she is the one who took care and raised her while Glo is not around.





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