Babae, pinaluhod ng kanyang nobyo sa gilid ng kalsada dahil sa kanilang pag-aaway!

A poor woman was asked to kneel by her boyfriend on the roadside.

We have seen several videos of couples fighting at a public place due to their personal misunderstanding. In some cases, people get to witness the harsh treatment of a party towards the other one. Sometimes, the couple’s emotion could not be contained anymore that is why they seemed to be really unbothered with other people’s presence who are witnessing their fight.

This is really alarming especially when it comes to relationships. This could easily be considered as a toxic one, especially if there’s already a hostile treatment towards one another involved.

Recently, a video went viral which sparked negative emotions from the netizens. The incident was caught by an onlooker who was positioned at a top of a building. As the witness zoomed in on the road area, we will see a couple with their motorcycle parked at the side of the road.

It is easy to assume that the two were having a heated conversation. It seemed like the boyfriend was mad because he was screaming at his girlfriend. After a while, he again rode his motorcycle. The woman did the same afterwards. But as she sat behind him, the man once again screamed at her and pointed at the other side of the road.

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The woman descended the motorcycle and crossed the road. Though the video could not clearly captured the face of the woman, it is safe to assume that she was already becoming emotional because it seemed like she was wiping her face with her hands.

After the woman reached the other side of the road, the netizens were surprised to see the woman suddenly kneeled while still crying. After a while, she again crossed the road to where her boyfriend was.

The man once again screamed at her while pointing to the other side of the road. He did it repeatedly before he finally let his girlfriend rode the motorcycle with him and continued travelling.

After the video was posted, it immediately gained views and reactions from the netizens. They commented and expressed their frustration towards the man who forced his girlfriend to kneel and beg just so they could resolve things. For most netizens, this is some sort of public humiliation on the woman’s side.

One netizen commented, “Bad guy! Are you a man? Whatever happens, you shouldn’t get angry and act hostile to your girlfriend,” which basically summed up all the netizens reactions.


Source: Feedytv

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