Itinuring siyang ampon ng pamilya kaya ngayon ay pinagbabawalan siyang makita ang inang may malubhang karamdaman!

Sometimes being a true family does always mean having blood connections, it is through genuine love and care for each other.

Recently, a miserable daughter seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to be able to see and visit the foster mother that raised her since she was a kid.

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Apparently, Mary Anne’s mother Dra Perla Sanchez is in critical condition after suffering from sudden shutting of brain cells that is why she wanted to visit her, but her foster father and other siblings would not allow her to simply because she is an adopted child.

Mary Anne said she could not fathom why her siblings hate her, but ever since a child, they are all making her feel outcast and shoving to her face that she is only an adopted child even though her birth certificate shows that Dra. Perla is her birth mother.

“Sinasabi din po nila na kapag nawala daw po yung mommy ko, kahit daw pos a gate nung bahay namin hindi rin daw po ako makakapasok,” Mary Anne said.

When the program contacted Richard Sanchez, one of the legitimate son, he denied that they are blocking Mary Anne from visiting their mother but claims that Mary Anne is asking money from them making her a burden to their mother’s case.

But Mary Anne denied the allegation and said that she has her own life and job now and could fully support herself.

The program then contacted law professor Atty. Paul Castillo for legal advice, he said that even is Mary Anne is adopted, as long as the adoption is legal, she will be considered as a legitimate child and has all the right to visit her mother whenever she wants to.

Meanwhile, the program also contacted Judith Cruz, the sibling who is currently looking after Dra. Perla. Judith agreed to let Mary Anne visit and even take their mother in one condition if Dra. Perla will get sick while with Mary Anne, she will not return her to their custody and will fully be accountable for her welfare.

Tulfo’s team assisted Mary Anne in visiting Mommy Perla and even accompanied them during the healing mas at Padre Pio church in Batangas in celebration of the old woman’s birthday.

Both Mary Anne and Mommy Perla could not help but get emotional after seeing each other yet very happy that they were able to spend time with each other.





Watch the full story below:

Pinagbawalan siya ng mga uncle niya na makita ang kanyang ina dahil ampon lang daw siya!

Pinagbawalan siya ng mga uncle niya na makita ang kanyang ina dahil ampon lang daw siya!#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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