Pagmamahalan nila na nagsimula noong si misis ay 14-anyos pa lang, mawawasak dahil sa masalimuot na pagbawi sa kanilang anak!

Child custody or the legal guardianship of a child depends on a case-to-case basis, in the Philippines, children ages 7 years and below should automatically be under the mother’s custody and she has all the right to decide if she will give the father of her child a shared-custody or even visitation rights.

Recently, a devastated mother seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to be able to retrieve her 3-year-old daughter who is currently under the custody of her ex-partner’s family.

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According to Michelle Muñoz, her ex-partner Romnick Mercado is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia and their daughter is now being cared of by his family, particularly her aunt.

When she attempted to visit and get her daughter once, Romnick’s family threatened to dispose of her and file kidnapping charges against her.

Michelle revealed that she started living with Romnick when she was still 14-years-old, but their relationship came to an end after she admittedly cheated on him due to the lack of money that Romnick is sending for their everyday needs.

Michelle said that Romnick only sends P4,000 monthly allowance which is not enough for all the baby’s needs, that is when she met another guy who filled all the shortcomings of Romnick.

When the program contacted Romnick, he said that he is denying Michelle’s rights to have the baby but he argued that does not want to give her the full custody since she is not properly taking care of the child and even spanking her as a form of discipline.

But in the end, Romnick agreed to give the child to Michelle and honor the law that children below 7 years of age should be under the mother’s custody.

Tulfo also contacted Roxas, Isabela’s Chief Insp. Engelbert Bunagan who vowed to extend police assistance in getting the child from the custody of Romnick’s family in order to avoid further commotion.

During the operation, Romnick’s family peacefully surrendered the child but the aunt who took care of the little girl could not help but get emotional during the turnover.

In the end, both parties forgive each other and agreed to work together for the child’s welfare.





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