Panloloob at pagtangay sa kinita ng isang computer shop, sapul sa CCTV camera!

In this world full of dangerous illegal activities surrounding us, have you ever wondered how will you react if you fall victim to a culprit who is about to take all your belongings? Have you ever imagine certain scenarios thinking how will you be able to defend yourself once you were caught in different terrifying scenarios?

Well, no matter how you memorize every self-defense technique or condition yourself to be brave, you will surely have a blank mind once caught in the said situation and just leave your faith to God and surrender everything to the culprit.

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Just like what happened to this computer shop attendant who did not hesitate to surrender everything to the robber who successfully robbed their source of income.

In the video posted by Lai Castilla, a guy could be seen attending at the counter of a certain computer shop in Cebu City while talking to a customer in the counter.

After a few minutes, the attendant could be seen opening their cash register making all their earnings visible to the customer on the other side of the counter.

But things escalated quickly after the customer took out a firearm out of his, held it against the guy attendant and ordered him to put all the cash inside the cap he is earlier wearing.

Out of fear from the gun near his face, the attendant did not even think twice and immediately placed all the peso bills that he could grab from their cash register. The culprit performed his illegal activity very smoothly and professionally as if he has done it a lot of times before.

After placing all the money inside the robber’s cap, he carefully arranged it and once again placed it on top of his head and walks out the computer shop as if nothing happened.

Good thing, the CCTV camera directly facing the counter and cash register clearly captured the entire thing and they can use this as evidence in order to identify and eventually catch the robber.




Watch the full CCTV footage below:

Posted by Lai Castilla on Wednesday, October 10, 2018



The said video immediately went viral on social media gaining almost 176,000 views and 4,000 shares which we hope could help on catching the culprit.






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