Netizen, pinayuhan ang mga tao na mag-ingat nang masaksihan ang isang insidente sa overpass sa Caloocan

A person was impaled by a perpetrator at an overpass around Sunday night.

Authorities never failed to advise everyone to stay vigilant especially during late hours where perpetrators could victimize helpless people unexpectedly.

A netizen named Fervin Velasquez Diza posted photos of an incident that happened at an overpass.

According to Diza, the incident happened at around 8:00 to 9:00 in the evening in an overpass at Caloocan South near a convenient store at Bagong Barrio (Gobang.)

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The people were not able to pass by the overpass because of an unfortunate incident where a person was impaled by a perpetrator.

As seen in the photos, the victim was already being carried by the medics down the stairs of the overpass.

The post did not provide much information about what really happened. It is still unknown whether the victim survived or not. It is also unclear if the perpetrator knew the victim beforehand or it was another case of robbery. People were hoping that the perpetrator was already apprehended by the police because it is unsettling knowing that a person with bad motives is still lurking around the area and might victimize another innocent person.

As of writing, the post already got 1.1k likes and reactions, and 4.8k shares from the netizens in Facebook. People have commented on the post, warning everyone to always stay safe and remain vigilant especially during the late hours. Many tagged their friends and family in the post to warn them about the danger that could possibly occur especially around the same area where the incident happened.

This incident is a reminder to everyone to always remain conscious and aware of their surrounding especially in times like this where perpetrators are just lurking around different locations, waiting for their next victim. One could never be truly safe even in a public area so it is up to us make sure that we could do something in situations like this.

If possible, always try to bring something that could be used against perpetrators such as pepper spray or even sharp pointed objects to counter the assailant. It is also helpful to be knowledgeable in basic self-defense techniques.

If you witnessed incidents like this or even suspicious people around your area, it is advisable to immediately report this to the authorities.

Source: Facebook

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